A Giant Leap…

Never let anyone thread on your dreams
And never blame anyone for not reaching your own.


This might be little step into this cyber-world for me , but for some it might happen as a giant leap. Whatever I am able to plan, implement and reflect upon in my classes of English Language and Literature in English at Generation’s School, might serve some other teacher fumbling in the dark  for resources!

If any file occurs as being authored by me, kindly cite the due reference.




About Mrs. Nazir's Rhyme and Reason

Am I a bird for Maya Angelou? If yes, why do I and so many of you around me feel caged? why not free? Am I a free spirit, then?If yes, then why don't I locate my limits? Because I can see I have lost the way. The quest for enlightenment is taking me acknowledge just Him ..and this strife just becomes so rewarding and so assuringly peaceful when I see myself having adopted His favourite occupation- the one he designated to his prophets. What has obstructed this self -actualization so far?
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3 Responses to A Giant Leap…

  1. Yasmin Razi says:

    Najia,this is an excellent exercise that you have initiated.I am sure it is going to help all of us in the English Department and many others in other subjects,as well.It is generous of you to share what you’ve been doing in class for submission of assignments and projects.This will,I am convinced, motivate others to do the same in their domain.If more submitted assignments by students are posted, we could
    benefit from that too.May you get feedback from other teachers beyond Generation’s.All the best.

    Subject Head
    Department of English
    Generation’s School

  2. Now this exactly what I was expected but provided me with a sense of direction in further exploring the subject.

  3. Aniqa Masroor says:

    I am really impressed with your IT skills, it is no doubt a giant leap as a language teacher in technology and will definitely inspire others to jump into this unending digital world and moreover, will quench the technological thirst of the our young children.

    Theme of the blog is very well selected and is in sync with the content area. Features and gadgets are effectively arranged in a logical flow.

    May Allah bless you.

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