Grade X- Let’s Decipher the True Intentions of the Media Texts

Alhamdullilah , we have been able to communicate through this mass medium of internet.

I welcome all of you to experience the accessibility of academic resources and let’s give dissemination of classroom instruction a new dimension.

The English Language Project details  will have been received by the end of the week 4.3 of the Term II, 2010-11.

As we look deeper into the mechanics of the advertisements, print or electronic, we find that the media texts are built just as any construction .

Just as any piece of carpentry, or even architecture would require gruesome planning and prowess of the designer to handle intricate and technical details, the copywriters build-up texts ,which can include written or spoken words, pictures, graphics, moving images, sounds, and the arrangement or sequence of all of these elements. Sometimes the text is called the “story” or“manifest text.” For most of us, the text of a piece of media is always the same.

Whether we are watching the anchor-persons on national TVor glancing over a billboard while commuting to school, all of us interpret the messages in different ways based on the previous limited or vast exposure to the world. It is no wonder , a child would sing along a Ding-Dong bubble advert, while being mesmerized by the shrewd cat, but the parents wouldn’t allow the poor child consume that product.

Just be prepared to explain your interpretation.!

Project: Instructional Plan and Marking Scheme

Project English language Term II

Resource to Examine Media Texts


  • Read and deliberate upon  the supporting files and examine the intriguing videos that have been embedded.


  • A TV  Set Commercial

  • Tea Brand
  • Detergent Ad A
  • Detergent AD B
  • Mobile Brand A
  • Mobile Brand B
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Nutritional supplement ad 2
  • Meal Bar for slimming
  • Fairness Cream

Viola! Here you are! Now, Get, Set and GO!

For a reminder, just watch this presentation to brush up the concepts!


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7 Responses to Grade X- Let’s Decipher the True Intentions of the Media Texts

  1. Amna Mahmood says:

    Najia good work done.. i m sure it will be of gr8 help to all the students… 🙂
    We should use these kind of blogs to get connected with our students round the clock..!!
    Best of Luck !!!

  2. Amna Mahmood says:

    even i want to take up this assignment… 🙂

  3. Miss najia can u please include this advert and just take a look at it

  4. Emaad Raza says:

    Miss Najia…….
    my group:
    Ali jilani
    Affan Rehman
    Sameer Ahmed Khan……

  5. Maaz H says:

    Wonderful Blog, as a whole and very illuminating adverts,
    …but the project… 😦 Sniff…homework,

    Regards – Maaz H

  6. Maaz H says:

    My Group Members

    Maaz H
    Fasih A
    Mubeen A

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