Plan for the 2nd Term,2010-11

The printable format can be downloaded from the following link:

complete review cycle for mocks

Generation’s School

Literature in English, Grade XI,

List of Syllabus Items



Block 1 


Block 2 


Block 3 


Zero FFB:1st Impression 


FFB: Analysis I FFB: Analysis II; 

RTW:1st Impression

+ H.W Worksheet

4.1 RTW(Analysis I) 

+  class work


Analysis II+ Critical Essay 

(Planning & Writing)

First Love: 1st Impression 

+ Analysis I

Project Assignment
4.2 RIII-Act III SC i, ii 


Sc ii, iii; Passage Based Question Sc iv, v RIII Act I 

WH 1-5


Sc v

M.A.( FFB+RTW) Sc vi,vii Dover Beach, Full Moon and 

Little Frieda

WH 10-15

4.4 Sc vii + Critical Essay 


M.A RIII Act III, Act IV Sc i Act II 

WH 16-20

4.5 Act IV Sc I (Passage  Based Question) 


R.A.:WH( Passage based 


ACT IV Sc ii,iii The Voice,, Time, Amends
4.6 Act IV Sc iv Project Presentation 


Act IV Sc iv,v 

Marrysong: 1st Impression

Question Bank Richard III
5.1 Marrysong (Analysis I) 


Unit Assessment 

(Full Moon and Little Frieda+

Dover Beach+ Amends)


Analysis II

WH 21-25
5.2 Grasshopper and the cricket  Analysis I 


Grasshopper and the Cricket 

Analysis II+ Act V Sc i

WH 25-30

Act V Sc i,ii

Act V Sc iii,iv,v WH 30-34

Character Profiles:

Heathcliff +Catherine

WH: Narrators, Minor Characters ;R III Essay Questions (Planning)

R III ( Problem Solving)

M.A: Grasshopper and the Cricket+ Marrysong + First Love
5.6 R.A : Thematic Occurrence of Relationships and Time 


Analysis for Thematic Occurrence 

( Metaphysical+ Marriage+ Strong Memories)


About Mrs. Nazir's Rhyme and Reason

Am I a bird for Maya Angelou? If yes, why do I and so many of you around me feel caged? why not free? Am I a free spirit, then?If yes, then why don't I locate my limits? Because I can see I have lost the way. The quest for enlightenment is taking me acknowledge just Him ..and this strife just becomes so rewarding and so assuringly peaceful when I see myself having adopted His favourite occupation- the one he designated to his prophets. What has obstructed this self -actualization so far?
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