Using the Comment Tool of MS Word for Cooperative Learning.

Think Cooperative Learning, Group- work, Individual Accountability and the  chances are, that you might not think of eliciting a written response to critical evaluations ,at the very moment.

I took up this as a challenge soon after the session began, as it turned out to be an effective activity as a review assignment, yet to reinforce the PQC ( commandment of sorts)

The class of 27 students was divided into groups of 3 and 4 students.They planned around their assigned questions individually, compared notes in their respective groups , arrived at transition phrases and wrote their draft for answers. Then , as homework, one response per group was emailed to me before the next block .Using the ‘Comment ‘ tool of MS Word, I marked the answer and posted on the class ‘ googlegroup.

This way, each student could read a variety of responses written by the other groups and the marking criteria was reinforced through this electronic feedback.

Time-Afshan amna a,hashir,querratulain F

Time -farzan, reja ,qurrat, ahmed affan

Richard_III emad sidra,marium hasan

richar III kashif salman zia

lament-umaid,omair ayesha nasir


This exercise can be further refined by developing follow up activities for diverse outcomes.


About Mrs. Nazir's Rhyme and Reason

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