Project:( 2010-11,2011-12)Video Interpretation of Poetry

Lesson Objectives:

•Understand how different camera images and techniques convey the tone of a poem
•Learn to film using video and still images to convey poem’s tone.
•Understand that poetry is a way of expressing one’s innermost feelings and be able to express their own feelings through this medium.
•Understand and appreciate how a poet’s message is conveyed through the use of various poetic techniques/devices.
•Appreciate how memorization and recitation of poetry can aid in self-expression and self-confidence.
•Understand effective rate, volume, pitch, and tone for the audience and setting,

Full Moon and Little Frieda

Group Members:

  • Ahmed Shah
  • Kashif Jawaid

Marrysong by Dennis Scott

  • Purnia Farrukh
  • Afshan Afroz
  • Sidra
  • Marium

Lament by Gillian Clarke

  • Omair Qurni
  • Salman Khalil
  • Zia Zulqarnain

Flower fed Buffaloes

  • Fatima Aizaz
  • Ayesha Siraj
  • Reja Tahir
  • Ayesha Nasir

Pity Me Not Because the Light of the Day

by Edna St. Vincet Millay

  • Soha Babar
  • Aamna Naim
  • Qurrat ul ain Shahood
  • Qurat ul ain Farooqi


by Adrienne Rich

  • Amna Ahmad
  • Ayesha Jamal
  • Asma Imran


About Ms. N's Rhyme and Reason

Hi, In the beginning was the word. Hence begins the history of humankind, in all domains of evolution. The thriving of civilizations has depended on how articulate were their teachers- the ones who descended with the learned art to their offspring generations. This phenomenon of transmitting of genetic code of learning has been at the heart of my inspiration to teach. This art somehow has transformed into a mantra for me, and it has never ceased to amaze me. Although to become a perfect teacher one might take a lifetime, but if one tries to be perfect, one negates the reason to experiment and fail. Hence, I may have faltered in some of my approaches, but my aspiration has been to try rectifying the short-coming, to connect again with the subject-matter and my pupils, to demystify the intended outcome, to enthuse the learners again, and to keep the cycle going.
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