Wuthering Heights: Character Profiles

Character Profiles:Group Assignment


Students should be able to develop a PowerPoint presentation on how characters are portrayed in Wuthering Heights


In your groups , develop your assigned character’s profile based on the following parameters.


  • Catherine Earnshaw Linton
  • Catherine Linton Earnshaw
  • Heathcliff
  • Edgar Linton
  • Isabella Linton
  • Hareton Earnshaw

Parameters for Character Analysis

1.Characters CONFLICT with / RELATE to… SELF (internal conflict, values, motivations, desires)

  • OTHERS (doppelgangers, foils, rivals, allies)
  • ENVIRONMENT (setting, forces of nature, socio-economics, politics, biology)
  • DESTINY (purpose, aspirations, transcendence, self-actualization)

2.Conflict always results in CHANGE. Characters either SUBMIT to orREBEL against these changes. Analyze characters in terms of how they CONTRADICT themselves. 3.Analyze characters in terms of the narrator’s TONE (attitude) toward them.

  • Look closely at the DICTION (word choice) the narrator uses.
  • Consider the CONNOTATIONS of the words the narrator uses to describe the character.
  • Is the narrator OMNISCIENT? If so, why does the narrator report that character’s interior life?
  • Look for the difference between how a character perceives or expresses himself and the narrator’s attitude toward that character. That difference is IRONIC.

Is the narrator positive, negative, or neutral toward the character? Does the narrator consider the character a hero or a fool? A saint or a sinner? A hypocrite? Is the narrator reliable?

Evaluation of the In-Class project:

 The students turned in their submissions in two weeks time. Although ,they didn’t get the time to present it as an oral presentation, the instructional objectives were met when they cited required textual clues in their analyses. Based on the above checklist provided, the students had to prepare Character Profiles of  6 major characters of the novel, other than the two narrators.The medium for th e submission was the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Heathcliff
  • Catherine Earnshaw Linton
  • Catherine Linton Earnshaw
  • Isabella Linton
  • Hareton Earnshaw
  • Linton Heathcliff

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