Wuthering Heights: Writing Ghost Chapters

W R I T I N G    T H E     G H O S T     C H A P T E R S



  1. You will work in your assigned groups.
  2. Emboldened names indicate Group in-charges.
  3. The submission date is first Literature block of 3.1
  4. You are expected to begin writing of your assignment after having read the first 10 Chapters of the novel.

 Allocation of Marks:

This project weighs 10% on your formative profile of marks

However, the assignments will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity and originality                                                           2
  2. Adhering to the deadline                                                           2
  3. Presentation                                                                                   2
  4. Use of spoken, written, and visual language to suit your purposes         2
  5. Show of empathy                                                                      2

The Task Guidelines:

A ghost chapter is not always a chapter, and it’s not necessarily written by or about ghosts. In fact, any piece of writing that shows another side of a given story is a ghost chapter!

1.Your assignment to is to write one—an alternate version of a specific part of Wuthering Heights from a perspective other than what Emily Brontë’s novel provides.

2. You are required to assume the voice/ narration/point of view of any one of the following principally involved characters:

Hindley Earnshaw, Catherine Earnshaw/Linton, Edgar Linton, Heathcliff or Isabella

3. Whatever events your ghost chapter will cover, you should think deeply about who will tell the story. Put yourself in his/her place, and consider how that character’s particular attitude and personality will affect how his/her experiences are presented.

4. Consider what your narrator might “sound” like in writing. Refer to the novel to get an idea of how your narrator might talk, and try to capture his or her voice in your writing.

5. Be creative! This activity gives you an opportunity to change the story and its characters, so feel free to narrate events in any way you’d like in the language that best fits your narrator.

Groups and Tasks

Group 1 and 8

Your “chapter” will explain what happened to Catherine Earnshaw during her five  week stay at the Linton’s while she is injured (chapter 7)

Group 2 and7

Your chapter will cover what Heathcliff did when he left the region (between Chapter 9 and 10). Your version  could be told by Isabella, Joseph, or Hindley Earnshaw

Group 3 and 6

Narrate the events in a real ghost chapter, that is, from the perspective of the ghostly woman Lockwood thinks he sees knocking on the window in Chapter 3. How might she tell readers about the events?

Group 4 and 5

Narrate the events from the eyes of young Heathcliff when he is brought in as a ‘gypsy boy’


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