Contextual Questions: A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Since Context of a text is a significant Assessment Objective of AS/A Level Literature in English, make a written  plan of  your essays to the following contextual questions

[Historical Context]

  1. How does William suggest that Blanch represents the faded grandeur of the American Past?
  2. How are the past and present intertwined in A Streetcar Named Desire?
  3.  Discuss the importance of past in A Streetcar Named Desire

[Dramatic/Theatrical Context]

  1. What does the play’s setting contribute to its dramatic effect? Consider :
  1. the Kowalskis’ flat
  2. its surroundings
  3. the wider American context

5.  Explore the methods William uses to create dramatic tension for an audience in ASCND. You should include consideration of:

a)       interactions between characters

b)       conflicts in language

c)       settings, real and imagined

d)       stage effects, such as the Polka music and the locomotive noise.

6.  To what Extent would you describe ASND as a tragedy?

7. Discuss the role of music and other sound effects in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Thematic Context

8.  How important are illusion and fantasy as themes in ASND?

9. Blanch believes that opposite of death is desire. How is this theme developed throughout the play?

10. How effective a title do you think A Streetcar Named Desire is for this play?

Context of the Author

11.” When a play employs unconventional techniques it is not, or certainly shouldn’t be, trying to escape its responsibility of dealing with reality”( Williams). Discuss the ways in which William employs ‘unconventional’ techniques to deal with reality in this play.

12. In A Streetcar Named Desire, William traces several styles of life, each to its poetic termination: that of Blanche, that of Stanley, and that of the indifferent Stella’. In the  light of this statement, discuss Williams’ characterization of these three figures in the play , showing what ‘style of life’ you think each of them embodies and what kind of ‘poetic termination’ William provides for each of them?

Social Context

13. To what extent can Blanch Dubois be described as a victim in A Streetcar Named Desire?

14. Discuss the view that A Streetcar Named Desire is a play concerned with the conflict between the values of the old world and the new , and the conflict is expressed through the battle between Stanley and Blanch.

15.’ The play is less a lament to the world to which Blanch was born than it is a lament for the dream of it’ .To what extent do you agree with this view of the play?





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