Reading Assignment: Wuthering Heights

Assignment :Reading of the Novel


 Reading Wuthering Heights by Emile Bronte, with Specific emphasis on the first 10 chapters

Unit 2.3-2.5, Term 1, 2011-12


 You are being allocated a fortnight’s period to read the complete novel with specific focus on the critical reading of the first 10 chapters.

  1. You are expected to use the information disseminated through classroom discussions and lectures to form your personal opinions regarding various
  • character traits,
  • themes ,
  • setting,
  • background of the characters,
  • structure of the novel, and
  • the role of narrative
  1. Use highlighter while you read to codify the particular themes. You can devise your own keys to represent the themes
  2. After the completion of this assignment you will be required to appear for the presentation session which carries 15 % of your Formative Grading profile .

Use the following general pointers to assist your reading of the entire novel


  1. Told by two narrators
    • Choice of Lockwood as a narrator
    • Advantages to the choice of Nelly Dean as the recounter of much of the tale’s background
    • Participation of her in the tale?
    • Reliability of Nelly Dean
    • Personality of the narrators


The role of the social class

  • In one’s upbringing and shaping of personality
  • Clashes amongst the classes
  • Role that the servants ( Nelly, Joseph and Zillah) play

Use of setting

  • Influence of isolation and location of the novel’s northern Yorkshire setting on  the tone and events of the story
  • Are there symbolic elements to the descriptions of the houses and their landscapes?


  • Each character’s motivations for becoming involved in his or her relationship (beyond “s/he was in love!!”)

Motherhood and parenting

  • Characters suffering from childhood neglect
  • Effects of harsh child upbringing


  • Recurring scenes of violence
  • Motives of the violent characters
  • Little opposition that they face from their surroundings

Elements of Interest and Suspense

Characters’ Profile

Recommended Web Resources


Reading Assignment Wuthering Heights 1



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