Sample paper : O Level Literature in English 2010/12


Mocks Assessment class XI 2012-13


About Mrs. Nazir's Rhyme and Reason

Am I a bird for Maya Angelou? If yes, why do I and so many of you around me feel caged? why not free? Am I a free spirit, then?If yes, then why don't I locate my limits? Because I can see I have lost the way. The quest for enlightenment is taking me acknowledge just Him ..and this strife just becomes so rewarding and so assuringly peaceful when I see myself having adopted His favourite occupation- the one he designated to his prophets. What has obstructed this self -actualization so far?
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3 Responses to Sample paper : O Level Literature in English 2010/12

  1. Maria van der Straaten says:

    Hi. I was searching for some examples of how to write a ‘good’ Literature essay and came across your marvellous blog! Thank you for sharing. Now I can inspire my students in Singapore further!

  2. Ngah Donatus says:

    Good day Lady, I am a teacher of literature in English, Cameroon. I am just entering the profession though, but i must admit that i really find it difficult judging the way students should answer questions at the ‘O’ Level! Very often, i’m forced to follow the ‘A’ level approach to answering questions which often involves the analysis of texts using what my teacher used to call “pillars of literature”; characterization, setting, themes, style, and what have you…
    While browsing via the net, I discovered someone outa my sphere to whom i could refer- you. I so plead that you assist me in the least way possible. Thank you.

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