“My love is thine to teach; teach it but how, And thou shalt see how apt it is to learn. Any hard lesson that may do thee good.”

-William Shakespeare

Hence , here is one of your own kind here, navigating the throes of distances and times to find bridges to the texts that I have either raveled in the glory of , or aspire to delve into.

As a teacher, I am one admirer of prose ,poetry and the enchantment it creates for my students and  me in the seemingly confined classrooms of bricks and mortar. I do stare with wonderment at the lines which tread beyond the apparent and  sneak into the worlds of the unknown. When I do have my eureka moments, I share them with the world here.

I can be contacted at :mrsnazirsrhymeandreason@gmail.com

I hope you find this domain of mine helpful.





8 Responses to About

  1. Naqi Imam says:

    Impressive WebSite !!!!


  2. coreachick says:

    Hi Najia,
    We are teaching the same course-check out my blog http://englishlanguageliterature.wordpress.com


  3. William Henderson says:

    Hello Najia,
    I teach English in karachi too, to the o levels..find your page fascinating and inspiring! Wonderful work! I myself am struggling to get kids to enjoy Eng Lit and excel in their CIEs./..does it ever ger any easier? You really are doing a fab job with the O n A levels at Generation’s!


  4. Hi Najia,
    Good work! I shared your page with my colleagues in the Lit dept at the Lyceum. Do you have anything on An Ideal Husband and the Jero Plays?


  5. huckfinn05 says:

    Hi Najia,

    I’m a Literature teacher in Singapore. Thanks so much for sharing your teaching resources and ideas so readily and coherently – and all wrapped up in artistry. I will share your page with my colleagues here.


  6. Jeddah Blog says:

    Hi Najia – thank you for following Jeddah Blog. Hope to see you back again soon.

    – Sabaa


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