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What If…

Desperate for a rejuvenation! Continue reading

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These Troublesome Times!

In the wake of the revolutions of today, with over 80 people reported killed in Libya….what face is this of a revolution? Will this sacrifice  bring the onset of change? Can we define or envision that change? Will it be peace? Will … Continue reading

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Why Another Web Domain?

Dear Members…old and new, Time to break free from what our Google group had to offer: classroom rituals  of assignment of homework, assignment of deadlines, revisiting them , the queries for classroom timings and just that and no fun! Yet I … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Question—Answered?

Am I a bird for Maya Angelou? If yes, why do I and so many of you around me feel caged? why not free? Am I a free spirit, then?If yes, then why don’t I locate my limits? Could it … Continue reading

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A Giant Leap…

Never let anyone thread on your dreams And never blame anyone for not reaching your own. W.B.Yeats This might be little step into this cyber-world for me , but for some it might happen as a giant leap. Whatever I am able … Continue reading

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